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Visitors faculty & staff mytru open learning international programs apply to tru students news & events athletics about tru  > tru home > science > program options > distance education > copd educators' program copd educators' program this is a post-graduate program for health professionals who work with clients with copd (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and wish to further their understanding of the disease and current management strategies. viagra cheap canada This 2-course program will introduce health care professionals to various skills that will be utilized in their role as effective copd educators. viagra generic Completion of the program will provide participants with the ability to assist this group of clients' disease management choices through the ongoing support and disease education they can provide in acute care and pulmonary rehabilitation settings. buy viagra cheap The program content will support the participants' skill development in the following areas: formation of therapeutic client/professional relationships; a working knowledge of the professional resource network available for this group of clients and copd educators; the ability to utilize diagnostic criteria in the assessment and differential diagnosis of the disease; disease knowledge and skills to provide optimal educational support; assessment of and optimizing clinical therapeutics; teaching and appropriate use of various coping mechanisms; utilizing standardized tools to manage/evaluate progressive symptoms and quality of life issues. viagra pills The copd educator profile in canada has been completed and the certification process is currently being developed with a projected date of november 2006 as the first offering of the combined asthma/copd educator certification exam. elimination half life viagra Intake into this multidisciplinary, two-course program is on a continuous basis throughout the year. The program is comprised of two 3-credit courses with the majority of the assignments submitted electronically through the program website. buy viagra Some assessment will be done via videotape submission and the participant will mail those assignments to the course facilitator for marking. generic viagra canada Upon successful completion of the copd educators' program, the participant will receive a certificate of completion from tru. Please note the following: entry into the program requires the interested individual have (minimally) a 2 year diploma or degree in a health related field of study (eg. viagra use united states Rn. elimination half life viagra buy generic viagra online Miere de Salcam si Poliflora


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