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• The production of the multi-flower honey from the month of July 2011 was a production of ”black honey”. ”Black Honey” (or the honey of a dark colour) is extracted every few years and has special properties, containing many minerals and being very appreciated in the Western Europe, and being more valuable than the usual multi-flower honey. This year however, the company sells it at the same price with regular multi-flower honey.


• The production of acacia honey from the month of June 2011, has a high quality by having a high viscosity due to the drought. We invite with great pleasure to try it.


• Also, our company now offers you the "Monica Tatoiu" recipe, already prepared at the price of 100 RON.

This recipe can be prepared by request and it contains : 1,5 kg of acacia honey, 300 grams of bee pollen, 150 ml of propolis tincture, 4 grams of Royal Jelly, 200 ml of saline, all this together weighting approximately 2 kg.